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Copyright T. Mora Photography @2014

I would like to introduce you to my baby pitbulls, Scooby (dark hair) and Bentley (light-colored).  I have had Bentley since he was a puppy and even though he is now six years old, he still thinks he’s a puppy!  He loves to go for rides and if it was legal for dogs to drive, he would be the first one to jump at the chance.  He is very much an alpha dog, but also loyal, loving and a character.

I rescued Scooby from a family who was abusing him and did not appreciate how loving, loyal and a sweetheart he really is.  He was brought into the family about three years ago (could be longer) and at first he was still traumatized, but has come a long way since then.  He doesn’t really like photographs as much as his brother, so these are the best ones I have of him so far.

These puppies are the best friends in the world.  They have a bad reputation of being killers and being very mean.  But, I believe that it is not the dog, it is the ones who raise them and how they are treated.

Dogs are the same as humans, they have feelings and get hurt just the same.



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