The Traveling Caterpillar

Copyright T.Mora Photography                        Taking a Moment

As I was playing with the dogs yesterday, I noticed a little black fuzzy ball.  I thought maybe it was one of the dogs toys, but I came closer and saw that it was moving!  I ran into the house to grab my camera (this always happens, those perfect times when you want to shoot something and you have to hurry up to get your other eyes).

When I came back to his area, he was in no hurry, just enjoying the grassy plain, checking out each piece of what probably seemed to him like huge grass trees!

I shot many frames of this little one, but unfortunately this is the only good one out of the whole bunch!  Yes, it is small, and would never have gotten this one if I did not put this piece of bark under him so he could climb up there!

Maybe if I am lucky I will see him again, and I can be more prepared to display a better photo!

Thanks for viewing and remember :  KEEP THE VISION!!!!


Your vision is always welcome

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