A Saturday of Artists, Farmers and Food Marketers

Purple Cauliflower



This was the first thing I saw as I entered the Farmer’s Market that is held every Saturday.  Maybe you have seen purple cauliflower, but this is my first time.  I thought it was pretty interesting, so I had to share.

Copyright T.Mora Photography

Taking in the Water                                                 Copyright T.Mora Photography


This child was cute while he watched the water dancing.

Kumquats                   Copyright T.Mora Photography

The kumquat area.  This is another food that was not only my first time to see, but also to taste.  They are like a little orange, but you can eat the peel also.  It will give your mouth a sour and sweet excitement!

Gotta Have Veggies!                   Copyright T.Mora Photography

There are many local farmers and produce markets that come here to sell their vegetables.  The produce is excellent and moderately priced.

Orchid Group                           Copyright T.Mora Photography

Beautiful orchids, I don’t think there are any other words.

Wild Essence Soap                             Copyright T.Mora Photography

These various soaps are all hand made and they smell awesome!  If I could attach a scratch and sniff area I would.

Pickled Pink                                Copyright T.Mora Photography

The pickling area.

Sugary Creations                            Copyright T.Mora Photography

The tantalizing pastry section.  I did not have one of the bear claws, I had the ones next to it and they were full of chocolaty goodness!

Doberman Love                                Copyright T.Mora Photography
Hi! I’m Tank                             Copyright T.Mora Photography

This was one of the most friendly pups.  The dogs love it just as much as us humans.  But they are probably thinking, “when am I gonna get some food?”

Water Dance                    Copyright T.Mora Photography
Fun at the Fountain                  Copyright T.Mora Photography

This was a precious moment to be able to capture.  A child experiencing life to the fullest being fascinated by the water.

Let Me Go!                              Copyright T.Mora Photography

Checking out the scenery, maybe he sees his true love!

Food to Make Your Stomach Smile                       Copyright T.Mora Photography

This phrase just made my day “we will make your stomach smile!”  I did not taste any of the food, but there were a lot of people waiting in line and it smelled tempting.

Cooking with Love                        Copyright T.Mora Photography
Oyster Island Mushrooms                         Copyright T. Mora Photography

*Fresh Mushrooms * Dried Mushrooms *Grow at Home *Truffles & More


Bella                                             Copyright T.Mora Photography

This was Bella, a dog who was blind from diabetes.  We talked to the owners for a few minutes and they told us that she does not like  high pitched voices of women.  They also told us that the dog stroller she was in cost $150 used.  You might think that to be extreme, but I call it love!

Peace, Love and Tweety Glasses                             Copyright T.Mora Photography

Hand crafted glass art.

Hanging Glass Art                           Copyright T.Mora Photography
Wood Roses                         Copyright T.Mora Photography

These are roses hand made from wood.  They were so beautiful!  He was selling them 13 for $6.00.  Artist’s name: Dennis L. Johnson


Dog Fun                           Copyright T.Mora Photography

The next three photos are from Custom Canine Couch.  All handmade creations for dogs.  They hand make couches for dogs, if you really love your dog, you can get one for the bargain price of $250.00, they are huge!  www.customcaninecouch.com

Sign Phrases                          Copyright T.Mora Photography
Dog Food Sucks                              Copyright T.Mora Photography
Survival Bracelet                               Copyright T.Mora Photography

These are survival bracelets.  I was interested to find out why they were called “survival”, so I checked it out.  The description explained that you could take any of the strands that held these together apart and use them for an emergency while camping, fishing, etc.  I thought that was useful and they were pretty stylish!

Caricature Artist                                 Copyright T.Mora Photography

This fascinating gentleman is Tony Dee!  He has been an artist since 1967(45 years to be exact!)  I told him I was just thinking about being born, he smiled and rolled his eyes.  The picture below is me, the first time I ever had a caricature done, it was neat and great to meet him!

Caricature Entertainment by Tony Dee-


Cartoon Me                              Copyright T.Mora Photography
Ocean Energy and Earthbound Art                               Copyright T.Mora Photography

This particular art booth is created by Terri Finethy, an artist who creates from recycled aluminum, wire and other materials.  Her work is amazing and love how she mixes the aluminum with the colored beads and glass.

For more information on her work it’s Ocean Energy and Earthbound Art.

email address: loveergy@hotmail.com

Smooth & Delicious                  Copyright T.Mora Photography

We are just about to leave and decide to get a smoothie before we leave.  One strawberry banana and one orange creamsicle please!!!! So yummy!

Reggae Band                                       Copyright T.Mora Photography

Last photo of the day:  the awesome and entertaining reggae music.  You can listen to the music while you enjoy a day of browsing, eating and relaxing.  If you live in the Fort Pierce area, the market is held every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  If you have not been, and you would like a different Saturday adventure, come and check it out.


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